Monday, February 7, 2011

iTunes U in the Secondary Classroom

            Apple’s iTunes is one of the largest digital media on the planet. The program allows users to purchase movies, music, much more straight to their computers and mobile devices. What makes this technology truly amazing is the fact that it can be accessed anywhere and anytime. One of the newest features to the online store is iTunes U, this section of iTunes, allows colleges, universities, and recently departments of education to post educational podcasts and videos. The best part about it is that all of the information is free for everyone. Many colleges and universities have posted lectures, lessons, and instructional videos. All of this information can even be useful for students at different institutions, and even for students in middle/high school.
            While researching iTunes U, I came across a website from the Department of Education of Florida. This website contained links to all of the information that they have uploaded to Apple’s servers. This website is very helpful because it contained likes to information for all disciplines, which makes it valuable for all teachers.
            I can see several ways that I would be able to use iTunes U in my classroom. I feel that students learn science the best my practicing science. Labs are important because they demonstrate all of the principles in action. In many cases students have never had labs before so preparing them for proper lab procedures and techniques is important. I can use videos of lab procedures that were posted on iTunes U. These videos will help prepare the students for their lab exercises. When I have my own classroom I also plan on maintaining my own website, where students can check assignments, test dates, and supplementary materials. If possible I would download relevant lectures from college professors off of iTunes U and post them to my website. Since they would be on my website the students would be able to listen to them online if they wanted to review class material. I think this might be very beneficial for the students, because there have been studies done that suggest that students who listen to downloaded lectures on average perform better on exams. iTunes U will allow me to better serve the needs of my students, an enhance learning in my classroom.


  1. One of the other groups chose "creative commons" to talk about in class. As you listen to that topic presentation, think about how it applies to content on iTunes U. Why would anyone want to post their lectures/content for free?

  2. Seems like a very helpful tool for the classroom. Sounds similar to podcasting but with video content as well. My brother uses podcasting for his students who miss class, he even added some of his labs for students that want to try some of the easier experiments at their leisure. Definitely would neat to be able to share some lectures from experts in their field with your own classroom.

  3. It is such a great idea to have educational information on such a highly used (particularly by students) application! I really like the idea of teaching a new topic in class and having students be able to review the information at home. Also, students can take the initiative to look at other videos about the topic that might help them more.

  4. I like the ideas you have for incorporating iTunes U into a science classroom. I definitely felt unprepared for labs and I would have enjoyed a lecture before starting labs in high school.